Using Buffer?s Social Blog As a Hub for Your Content


Buffer blog’s success can be attributed to guest posts from influential individuals.
As an invaluable source of social media marketing information and statistics, as well as free and low-cost resources like video tutorials, strategy guides, podcasts and more – The Buffer blog truly stands out in this space.

Utilizing your blog as a hub for content is an excellent way to foster relationships with influencers and expand your following. Furthermore, it enables your brand to produce consistent quality work which in turn leads to greater social engagement.

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Buffer is an incredibly powerful and flexible content publishing and scheduling tool. It’s user-friendly with plenty of features designed to make content creation quick and efficient.

Scheduling your social posts for certain times of the day can help maximize their reach and boost engagement. For instance, you could set up a queue that allows posts at noon, 3:00 pm, and 9:00pm daily; once all those slots are filled up, your next post will automatically go up at those times saving you time and effort.

Buffer offers an abundance of blog post topics in its library, plus you can use Pablo, their free image creation tool, to quickly craft visuals for your posts. But the real beauty lies in Buffer’s straightforward user interface and straightforward scheduling capabilities.

Browser extensions make sharing your favorite text and image content effortless. Simply highlight the desired material, click on the Buffer button located in your menu bar, and you’re all set!

Buffer’s Content Sharing feature is especially beneficial for marketers and creatives who want to easily share their own material. For instance, if you need a quote that represents your brand, Buffer makes finding it effortless with just a short link back to the original page.

Once you’re finished, you can post it to all your social media accounts or just one. Buffer’s “publish” tool provides a brief reporting system that gives an overview of how well your posts perform across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Additionally, grouping your social accounts allows for easier management if you collaborate with a team or multiple clients that use different social media channels. Doing so saves you the trouble of adding each account individually.

Your Buffer account can have up to 25 social accounts linked. Simply select which accounts you’d like to connect by clicking on the Manage Social Accounts tab, authorize those connections, and set up a posting schedule.

Buffer allows users to add multiple RSS feeds directly into their profile. This is an excellent way to stay up-to-date without ever leaving the app, and it’s free for those on Awesome or Business plans.

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