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How to Apply Dry Shampoo Properly

Dry shampoo can be a godsend for oily-haired individuals. Not only does it help you get through the day without washing your locks, but it’s an efficient way to break up product buildup between salon visits.

Before using dry shampoo on your hair, it’s essential to know how to apply it correctly. Doing so will protect both your scalp and hair, ensuring the product works effectively for the type of scalp and hair you have.

1. Part your hair into two sections, beginning with the oiliest area (for most women this is along the hairline and nape of their neck). Then spray each section individually using short, powerful bursts as you work your way down towards the ends.

2. Shake the bottle vigorously before applying the formula, particularly for aerosol formulas which tend to settle at the bottom between uses; shaking helps ensure everything is mixed together evenly.

3. Only apply a small amount of product at once, as too much can leave your hair looking chalky or powdery.

Dry shampoo is all you need to refresh your style and eliminate extra oil and odor from your hair. It also helps clear away product buildup and oil from your scalp, so your roots aren’t covered in it and can thrive naturally.

4. For optimal results, select a dry shampoo tailored to your particular hair and scalp type. If you have fine or thin locks, opt for a gentle formula that won’t weigh down your locks.

5. Limit use and adhere to your hair care plan for best results.

Generally speaking, dry shampoo should only be used once or twice a week as it can clog the scalp and lead to overproduction of oil, leaving your locks looking dull and lifeless.

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6. Select the Ideal Shade of Dry Shampoo for Your Hair.

When selecting a dry shampoo shade, pick one that complements either your natural or highlighted hair color best. Choosing too dark can lead to discolored roots, while going too light will make your locks appear chalky and dull.

7. Conduct a dry shampoo trial run prior to purchasing it to determine which works best for your hair and scalp.

Selecting the ideal dry shampoo can be a challenge, but it’s worth it! Many brands provide multiple products tailored towards different hair types and scalp conditions.

If your hair is fine or curly, a volumizing dry shampoo designed for oily or heavy hair may be beneficial. These formulas typically contain ingredients that add texture and volume while absorbing extra oils to keep your locks feeling soft and smooth.

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