What is a Penalty Card Bet? Sharing Concepts & Experiences

What is a penalty card bet? This is an eternal question of many players in the process of learning about sports betting. It can be easily affirmed that this method is popular because the gameplay is simple and suitable for everyone. Together New88 Learn in detail about the concept and method of betting on penalty cards.
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What is a penalty card bet?

Penalty card betting is also known by another name in football: Totals Booking. With this type, the player needs to have an accurate prediction about the total score of the cards drawn in the confrontation. Because of its nature, you will not need to pay too much attention to the total number of goals scored by each team. The system will base entirely on the total score of the cards to determine the win or loss for the player.

Immediately after understanding the concept What is a penalty card bet? Then you also need to know that this method is just a type of side betting in football. However, with its attractive nature, Totals Booking is still very popular and has become the top choice of many people. Experts say that usually, teams that play on the offensive will have a higher risk of receiving penalty cards than their opponents.

Learn how to calculate penalty card odds

Besides understanding the concept, members also need to understand what the rules for calculating penalty card bets are. Experienced players say that this betting method will have some similarities with handicap betting in soccer.

The house will also base on the difference between the squad as well as strength to divide the team into upper and lower odds. After winning, the total amount of money members receive will completely depend on the bet level as well as the odds you have chosen.

At present, red cards will be worth 2 points and yellow cards will be worth 1 point. In case any player receives two yellow cards at the same time, it will be counted as 3 points. Besides, to improve your chances of winning, you also need to focus on the main referee of the match. People with a strict personality will often tend to draw more cards in important matches.

What are the variations in penalty card betting?

At the present time, based on the nature and importance of the match, the house will provide customers with a variety of different penalty card betting methods. Specifically:
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  • Handicap: At this time, the system will determine the upper and lower handicap teams so players can place bets. We will also allow members to participate in different rounds or matches. Members should also note that for this form of betting, the system will only calculate points for cards drawn for players currently competing on the field.
  • European Handicap: With this method, you will have a total of three completely separate choices as follows.
    • 1: The player predicts that the home team will win in the Totals Booking betting form.
    • X: You make the total number of tags of the two teams will be the same.
    • 2: You predict that the advantage of the penalty card bet will favor the away team.
  • What is over/under betting in penalty card betting? The system will provide customers with a certain penalty card score value. The player needs to make a judgment as to whether the actual total number of cards will be higher or lower than the dealer’s mark. This method is extremely popular because it brings high winning rates to all customers.

What is the experience of participating in penalty card betting?

With the above information, you are sure to find it interesting and have a high chance of winning when participating in this type of bet. However, you should also refer to some extremely effective playing experiences below.

Based on the situation of the confrontation to bet on Totals Booking accurately

It is a fact that if you grasp the situation of the match, each ticket you own will have a winning rate of up to 60%. Specifically:

  • A team that is leading and has an advantage in controlling the match is certain that they will always create situations for the opponent to receive a penalty card. The reason is because these players need to make mistakes to prevent dangerous situations.
  • Underdog teams will often have a higher rate of receiving penalty cards than their opponents.

Based on the temperament of the player involved, what is the penalty card bet?

Normally, strikers who are hot-tempered and have difficulty controlling their emotions have a very high potential risk of receiving a penalty card. So members can base on this to make the most accurate decision for themselves.


This article has helped all members of the New88 system know what the penalty card bet is. Players should use all the knowledge and experience we have provided to access and bring home the most attractive rewards.

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