Score Difference Odds – Effective Playing Tips

Odds on score difference (Winning Margin) is a form of betting that is not easy to win and is often played by those who love risk. However, the odds of receiving rewards are extremely attractive. Therefore, let Neu88 Revealing ways to counter this type of bet to increase your winnings.

Definition of score difference bet

Score difference bets, also known as Winning Margin bets, have long become one of the most attractive types of bets today. This type of bet requires in-depth analytical ability and a sophisticated understanding of the teams participating in the competition, promising to bring worthy rewards to those who conquer it.

The way score difference bets work is to focus on the goal difference between two teams in a match, instead of simply predicting the winner. Players will bet on a specific goal distance, such as 1 goal, 2 goals, or even higher.

For example: In the match between Manchester United and Liverpool, you bet on a score difference of 1 goal for Manchester United. This means you believe that Manchester United will win with a difference of 1 goal compared to Liverpool. If the match result is as predicted, you will win this bet.

Compared to popular types of odds such as Asian odds or Over/Under, billion difference odds bring dramatic experiences, creating a unique feature because:

  • High payouts: Due to their more unpredictable nature, score difference bets often come with significantly higher payouts than other types of bets.
  • Interesting experience: Instead of just focusing on simple winning or losing results, this type of bet forces players to carefully analyze the performance, playing style, and tactics of both teams, and at the same time give Make accurate predictions about goal difference. This process requires a deep understanding of football and sharp judgment, providing a challenging and exciting betting experience.

With the above characteristics, score difference bets are known as the ideal choice for experienced bettors with analytical ability.

Classification of score difference bets

In the exciting world of soccer betting, winning by a margin is always an attractive choice for the betting community with high payout rates. To help you have more opportunities to get rich without difficulty, New88 Please share important knowledge about score difference bets:

Odds to win by score x goal difference

In a specific match there will be a home team and an away team. When participating in the x-goal difference bet, the player will have to accurately predict the match result so that the home team wins by exactly x goals compared to the away team or vice versa. Where x is the number of goals difference between the home team and the away team.

The home team won by a margin

Players bet on the home team to win with more goals than the away team according to the ratio given by the house.

For example: In the match between Vietnam and Malaysia, the bookmaker offers a bet that Vietnam will win by 1 goal. If you bet on Vietnam and the final result is Vietnam 2 – 1 Malaysia, you will win the bet. On the contrary, if Vietnam loses, draws or only wins by 0 goals, you will lose your bet.

The away team won by a margin

The gameplay is similar to the score difference bet above, however players will bet on the away team to win with more goals than the home team.

For example: In the match between Japan and Indonesia, the bookmaker offers a bet that Indonesia will win by 2 goals. If you bet on Indonesia and the final result is Indonesia 3 – 1 Japan, you will win the bet. On the contrary, if Indonesia loses, draws or only wins by 1 goal or less, you will lose your bet.
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No Score Draw

For matches between eight and half people, the No Score Draw bet is always a guideline for those who are passionate about betting. Specifically, this bet will predict that the match result will be a scoreless draw in the official 90 minutes of play. In other words, you only win the No Score Draw bet when the match score is 0 – 0 after the final whistle sounds.

For example:

If you observe that the match between Vietnam and Malaysia is evenly matched, players can bet on this bet. If the match result is 0 – 0, you will win. However, if the match result is 1 – 1, 2 – 2,… even if the score difference is 0, you will still lose the score difference bet.

Score Draw bet

In contrast to the No Score Draw bet, to win the Score Draw bet, the winning condition is that the match result must be a draw with a score of 1 – 1 or more. Specifically, draw scores such as 2 – 2, 4 – 4 and more goals are accepted, as long as at least one goal is scored in the net. On the contrary, if the match ends with a score of 0 – 0 (no goals are scored), the player will lose the bet.

For example: The match between Thailand and Vietnam has the final score of 2 – 2. With the Score Draw bet, the player will win the bet because the draw score is 2 – 2, meeting the condition of score difference of 0. and at least 1 goal was scored.

Tips for predicting accurate score difference

Let’s take a look at the top Winning Margin betting tips from experienced players:

Choose the right match when playing odds with a score difference

To improve the possibility of winning in the score difference bet, players should choose two teams with clear differences in playing ability, level, form, players, physical strength… At this time, you It will be easier to judge the win or loss results and make a more accurate assessment of the goal difference. In addition, focus on major football tournaments such as the Premier League, La Liga, Champions League, etc. With this large playground, fairness and transparency are also higher, and information is published more. In particular, stay away from this bet in friendly matches.

Apply the strategy of dividing betting capital

Instead of betting all your capital on a single score difference bet, you should split your bet capital and bet on many different odds for the same match.

This strategy helps you limit risks and increase your chances of winning, because each rate level will bring different chances of winning and rewards. Betting on multiple odds levels helps you protect your bet capital and increase your ability to recover capital.

Note that players should only bet a maximum of 5 goals difference, because the number of goals in a match with a difference of up to 6 goals is extremely rare.

Master the golden time to bet

Below are suggestions when placing Winning Margin bets:

  • Choose when to bet: You should bet about 1-2 hours before the match starts to have time to carefully analyze information related to the team as well as the house’s odds.
  • Monitor match developments: Always closely monitor match developments to be able to adjust betting strategies accordingly. For example, if a strong team is leading and has the ability to score more goals, you can consider increasing your Winning Margin bet with a higher difference.


The score difference bet promises to bring generous rewards to those who can master this playing field. However, it also poses risks for inexperienced people. Therefore, prepare carefully before playing soccer betting here New88 Please!

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