Esports Virtual Sports Betting – How to Bet on Esports

Virtual sports betting Esports has only developed strongly in the past 5 years but is still attended by a large number of new players. Because there are many top tournaments with huge prize money. The attraction of Esports is growing, so it is not surprising that many bettors are interested in how to bet on this type of sport. So let’s go JUN 88 home page Find the answer through the following article.

What is virtual sports Esports?

Gamers can simply understand virtual sports Esports is a form of betting based on popular electronic sports games. By betting an amount of money that the participant wants, if you win you will receive a proportional reward and if you lose you will lose the previous capital. This method has been present in Vietnam about ten years ago, but recently it has really exploded and received the attention of many bettors.

Esports virtual sports betting has many different game genres such as FPS shooting, Moba strategy, RPG role-playing, and Sports, so bettors can freely choose. The reason e-sports has made such a leap today is partly thanks to the livestream service.

Instructions on how to bet on virtual sports Esports

In this article, the bookmaker will guide bettors on how to bet on Esports virtual sports at the  Jun88 homepage. To participate, you need to have an account at the betting site. If you don’t have one, quickly register now to enjoy more incentives.

The steps for Esports virtual sports betting at  Jun88 are as follows:

  • Step 1: Visit the  Jun88 homepage and select Esports

On the main interface of bookmaker  Jun88 you will see the Esports game section. Here you choose  Jun88 – Esports.

Select “Play now” to enter the game and participate immediately.

  • Step 2: Select the match or tournament you want to bet on

In the Esports directory, there are many different attractive games such as Dota 2, LOL,…, in each type of game there are many different tournaments and matches taking place live that bettors can participate in and bet on. . At this time, observe carefully and choose the match you like to participate in.

  • Step 3: Choose the bet and odds

Once you have selected the match you want to bet on, the system immediately displays details about the odds and players can also watch the match directly via livestream on the house. Bet players just need to click on the bet and betting odds you intend to place. Then confirm the amount you want to bet, send the order and complete the process.

Bet results will be announced immediately after the end of the match.

Popular game store of virtual sports Esports

E-sports has many games with a variety of genres, including some outstanding games that attract a large number of gamers including: Dota 2, LOL, Rainbow 6, CS: GO and RL …. The Exports virtual sports betting method is quite simple and anyone can participate in the experience.


DOTA 2 (Defend of the Ancients), the game has different and complex gameplay and requires a very high level of teamwork. With an interesting format, DOTA 2 has a very large number of loyal players and recently launched betting. In this game series, bettors can monitor the progress of the match and bet according to each stage of the battle.

League of Legends (LOL)

This is the most famous Esports game in Vietnam in particular and Asia in general. After years of development, this game has created a huge community. There is almost no game enthusiast who does not know about the game League of Legends.

LOL (League Of Legend) was born in 2009, at that time this game had to compete with many other hot games on the market but up to now League of Legends still stands firmly in the betting market and is increasingly leading. strong investment.

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League of Legends is a game with fast gameplay, attractive content, beautiful graphics and stressful matches, so it attracts many participants. Along with that, the enthusiastic support of players makes the League of Legends arena increasingly expanded and has extremely high prize values ​​of up to billions of dong.

Therefore, related bets also receive the attention of many bettors.


CS:GO’s full name is Counter Strike Global Offensive. If you know the game Half Life, it will be easy to realize that CS:GO is based on the foundation of the game Half Life. The gameplay is highly tactical and must have teamwork but still retains its attractiveness.


Esport virtual sports betting has many attractive games and high odds, worth a try for bettors to participate. Hopefully with the information shared by  Jun88, players will have betting experience along with suggestions on betting forms so you can earn more money in this game.

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